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Due to demand, OH is now in the position of offering internships (unpaid) to help support the creation of content and research. There is the research/writing intern position, and the tech advisor position.



OH posts new stories every Wednesday, and the research intern's primary objective will be to research, write, or edit the story of the week, generally 5-10 hours a week. Credit will be given for majority creation of text or conception of story idea.

Under general supervision, the intern would:

  • Create original, engaging, short-form (4-5 paragraphs) articles about an historical person or event, with an emphasis on the history of science, medicine, and technology.

  • Research sources for each article and locate at least one primary and one secondary source for each.

  • Create curated searches for Google Scholar, Books, News, Images.

  • Locate other online resources (2-3) for each article. (i.e., historical caricatures illustrating event or person, NASA online resource about an astrological event, etc.)

  • Exceptional candidates would express interest in the workings of start-ups. 


This is a singular opportunity for someone interested in start-ups, EdTech, historical writing and research, education and teaching, and creating engaging learning environments.  Input and creative thinking welcomed and encouraged.


If interested, click to contact.





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