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African Gems

An Historical Survey of African Beauty Techniques

By Sophie Adekola

The history of beauty ingredients is one that deserves more attention.

As Ms. Adekola shows, beauty techniques in Africa came about as a result of the ingredients found in specific locations within the continent. How they were applied contributed to the development of cultural identity in different groups, depending on the area.

Read this fascinating journey through ancient African beauty techniques and their applications today.

Woman's Bible.png

The Woman's Bible

A Late 19th-Century Feminist Controversy  

By Jenna Michelle

At the end of the nineteenth century in the U.S., the philosophies behind the suffragist movement began to permeate all aspects of modern life, including religion.

One feminist pioneer, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, sought to challenge the typical conversations at the time about women, religion, and their role within the bible. The controversial product — The Woman's Bible — was a collaborative effort, written and edited by many notable women. Despite its impact at the time, it remains largely unknown.

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The Story

Obscure Histories was founded in 2014 as a supplemental resource for secondary education. As our audience grew, our content expanded beyond the initial intent. We were reaching many people from around the world, and our content grew to reflect that.

We also wanted to further prioritize histories of marginalized people. And so, in 2021, we rebooted the website, which had become too big, cumbersome, and not representative of our community. 

Additionally, believing that quality, accessible histories should be free and open to everyone, and that contributors should be compensated for their work, we began the process of making Obscure Histories a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2022. We were approved to begin fundraising in late 2023. 


In 2022, we also founded OH, Jr., the educational outreach arm of OH. OH, Jr. provides curriculum that uses history stories to teach real life skills. Currently, OH, Jr. is offering our History Documentary curriculum, which teaches learners how to write and edit short, history documentaries for video. 

Dana is currently teaching the OH, Jr. history documentary curriculum at a school in the heart of Chicago. Please use the contact forms to learn more.





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