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OH Founder, Dana Rovang, has worked in video and online content production for over twenty years. Her recent work has been in writing and producing internal explainer videos for Fortune 100 corporations like Accenture, Toyota, and Johnson & Johnson. She was also on the production team that helped launch the Smithsonian's Our Share Future: Reckoning With Our Racial Past initiative.

Dana believes in providing accessible and engaging online content to get students and the general public interested in history, with the recognition that the community itself is the best source for stories.

Dana has a Ph.D. in the History and Philosophy of Science from the University of Chicago, an MA in European History from the University of Illinois, Chicago, and a BA in Anthropology and Religion from the University of Iowa.  Her doctoral dissertation was on 18th century performance magicians in London and how they used science vocabulary and principles to fill their theaters. 


In a way, these performers were early science educators, and they helped to inspire more traditional educators to take creative license in making knowledge accessible and interesting to a popular audience; this is very much like the vision of Obscure Histories. Dana has had a longstanding interest in popular knowledge making practices and public knowledge distribution.

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