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Everyone has a story.

We want to know your favorite "obscure history" fact - the fun or odd story about a little-known event or person that you tell your friends and family at the dinner table to impress and amuse them.  This helps build our community and it ensures that a wide variety of histories from all times and places are represented.


We'd love anything you're inspired to share: just a quick note, a link, a couple of sentences, or - for those so motivated - 2-3 paragraphs about that event or person, and any primary or secondary sources, if you have them. We're as excited to learn new facts as you are!  And you will be credited when the story is published.  


Feel free to tweet them to @obscurehistorys, too! 


For interested historians and writers, we would like to connect with you if you'd like to help curate, cultivate, write, and reference Obscure Histories material.  

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